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The Brookings Institute ranked Atlanta's wealth disparity as the worst in the nation for the last three out of five years. The top 5 percent of households in Atlanta earned incomes at least 18 times as high as the bottom 20 percent of households in the city. as income disparity grows so does access to effective resources. The bottom 20% of households within the city  also reflects the growing problem of the declining quality of life within rural and local Georgia.

We are a community of doers committed to enhancing and supporting the community around us. We will serve by performing direct acts of service through various service projects/campaigns. We will also promote self empowerment, financial literacy, health & wellness, and education through advocacy, workshops, and fundraisers.

Small acts when multiplied, can transform the world

We believe no one person or entity can go at this alone. If you are interested in partnering with The AYA, please email


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