George Floyd: Beyond the Hashtag


I write this with tears in my eyes thinking about the haunting sound of Floyd’s cries for his mother. It pierces my soul the same we heard Trayvon Martin beg and plead his killer for his life and silenced by a gunshot. How can a human being watch a man die and be OK? The haunting image of his life leaving his body fuels me with anger, rage, and despair. We are tired. We are hurt. We are angry.

As the dust settles, the tears dry, the chants for justice fades, we begin to wonder what is next. We stand in solidarity with those of you on the front lines. We commit to standing with our community for the overall goal of police reform. But how do we get there? The AYA Collective is committed to listening, organizing, and implementing ideas from all community stakeholders for safer interactions with the Police. We will begin facilitating community Calls for Action. This will be an all hands on deck call to ensure we are utilizing all resources available to attack this problem. We need you and so does your community.

You deserve better. I deserve better. We deserve better!